My second issue in life

This might be a bit silly to most people, but I am sure there is someone out there who feels the same (I hope-can’t possibly be the only one pondering on this). Why is it that some toilet paper is actually impossible to get off the roll. You literally waste half of the roll just to get the thing to start rolling like it is suppose to do?Apart from a fee other things, one favorite (other than the little chocolate on the bed) about going to a hotel, is that little triangle folded at the start of the roll. I tried to implement it here at home, but was confronted with a lot of resistance on why I should not be the one doing it. Is it possible that manufacturers could insert a little “starter” piece? By the way:”Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes”

Baggage Fine on Flights

I am a normal guy, not important, not rich, in all just your average guy trying to make a living for him and his family. So here’s the thing, I have a lot of issues and do not accept everything as gospel. So I was standing in a queue to book in for a domestic flight. An older lady next to me was shocked when she was notified that her baggage was 3kg over the limit of 20kg. That got me thinking…she was a small lady, probably 55-60kg (yip, I know it is suicide to comment on a woman’s weight). So I looked around me and to the people in the queue behind me. There where really quite a few passengers pushing the scale well over 100kg, some fit but tall and others plain fat and over weight. Why must a person of 60kg (or even 80kg) be penalized for bagage of 3kg over the limit. If you think about it, this person, including her bagage, is not even the weight on some people without their bagage. Maybe there should be a levy on travellers above a certain weight. Just a thought – for now – but I feel strongly that somethings must change at airlines. By the way, I live in South Africa